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Advocate for Children's Rights. Anarchist. Anti-Feminist. Atheist. Compassionate. Curious. Empathetic. Empirical. Female. Humanist. Logical. Lover. Non-aggression principle. Nurturing. Peaceful Parenting. Philosophical. Seeker of self knowledge & self ownership. Strong. Vegan. Virtuous. Voluntary family.

The progression from wired to passed passed out cold and everything in between haha

Talking to people who are pro guns but only in the hands of the government are annoying as hell.


Stefan Molyneux’s call in show

0:22 - A Roundtable of Discontented Ghosts
0:56:02 - Reaching Your Potential/Justifying Insignificance
1:37:36 - Choosing Imaginary Friends Over Your Romantic Partner

Strong emotional reaction to The Bad Philosophy Show, a table full of discontented ghosts, absent fathers are not fathers, reaching your potential, justifying insignificance, overcoming anger and choosing imaginary friends over your romantic partner.

Christian, if you’re reading this listen to the last caller (1:37:36) I think you could really get something out of the anger bits. 

Aesop Rock, Numb [To the Guns]

Aesop Rock, Numb [To the Guns]

"He’s numb to the guns (right) thanks to the tank cam
glued to the box like the opposites’ll shake hands (no)
enough Hell for the world’s hand baskets
enough Cell’s for the world’s hand captured (come on)
numb to the guns (riiiight) now he touch buttons that’ll re-route imagery
yes doggie, recognize the history
yes doggie, recognize the misery (right)
switch for element of surprise and demise”


Adam Kokesh Coaches Listener Through Police Confrontation LIVE On Air

Clint skypes in to the show from his cell phone in a hospital to tell us about the police brutality that landed him there. It occurred during a police brutality protest. His brother then took his phone and confronted the officer in the hallway.

Rain and Spring.

Rain and Spring.


Stefan Molyneux’s The Truth About Taxes

(Warning: This Is Gonna Be An Angry One)

A fundamental breakdown about what taxes are, what they do, and how they are used from the government. He goes on further to explain that taxpayer’s money (used “properly” or misused) does not improve any of the public system’s programs since it instills the mediocrity and destruction of our future. 

(via moralanarchism)

Rationality is man’s basic virtue, the source of all his other virtues.

Ayn Rand (via swallowtheredpill)

(via moralanarchism)

This owl keeps hooting outside and it’s super cute (if that’s possible)

Fathering is not something you squirt, it’s something you do.

Stefan Molyneux 
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Pretty in Pink by Gabrielle Wee.
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